Founded in the 1970s,

Berkeley's Asian Pacific American Law Student Association serves the Asian and Pacific Islander community at Berkeley Law.

Who we are

Berkeley’s Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA), established in the 1970s, is a political, community service, academic, professional and social law student organization. APALSA is dedicated to serving the Asian and Pacific Islander American community at Berkeley Law and the APA community at large. On the whole, APALSA’s goal is to promote a greater awareness of the diverse culture, rich history, and current struggle of Asian Pacific Americans. APALSA also works very closely with other minority groups and student organizations in coordinating various educational and social events. APALSA is open to all Berkeley Law students of every background.  

Kevin Chen

Class of 2022

APALSA has been one of the best parts of my law school experience. It's introduced me to some of my closest friends, helped me connect with mentors, and (maybe best of all) help me out with outlines.


Waen Vejjajiva

Class of 2022

APALSA has been my greatest law school support system since Day 1. I've found awesome friends and mentors, who have been crucial in shaping my Berkeley Law experience. I learned a lot from my APALSA family, and am very excited about joining the Board this year!

Waen Vejjajiva.jpeg

What we do

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