About Us

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The Berkeley Law Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) was founded in the 1970s to serve the AAPI community at Berkeley Law and in the community. We are a political, academic, community service, professional, and social student-run organization. Our mission is to advocate for the AAPI community at Berkeley Law and beyond and serve as a professional and academic resource for our members.


At over one hundred members, Berkeley Law’s APALSA is one of the largest APALSAs in the nation. We are defined by the diversity of our members’ cultures and personal backgrounds. We are a community for all AAPI-identifying students and allies at Berkeley Law to develop a foundation to succeed in law school. 


A Note on Denaming Boalt Hall

In 2017, it was learned that John Boalt, for whom a building of Berkeley Law was named, was a strong advocate of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the nation’s first ban on immigration based on national origin. In an influential speech that arguably led to the Act’s creation, he wrote of the “Chinese invasion” and made other racist statements about African Americans and Native Americans. 

A committee of Berkeley Law faculty, students, alumni, and staff recommended discontinuing the use of the Boalt name and removing the name from the law building. In 2020, the building referred to as Boalt Hall was officially denamed. 


Berkeley Law APALSA members were critical in spearheading these efforts and driving the initiative to remove John Boalt’s name from our law school. We will continue to speak up against racial injustice and its perpetuation in our hallways, our community, and our nation. 

Prospective Students

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We accept membership applications throughout the entire year. If you are still interested in joining, please email us at berkeleyapalsa@gmail.com.